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I'm Not A Robot


Discord and Snapshot

We are a guild of AI engineers, AR/VR creators, storytellers, animators, game designers and more and we meet at

All major decisions of the DAO are voted on by $CULTUR token holders, no money can leave the commuinity treasury without explicit token approval.

Votes are put up at


We build separate projects toward an eventual goal of a connected metaverse in the 5 areas of AI, Avatars, Games, Story, Virtual Worlds.

There are two ways to get involved with projects :

1. Pitch a completely fresh project to the DAO

As a token-holder you can pitch any project to the DAO in the above 5 areas - if you’re not sure where to get started apprentice with a committee, get a feel for the DAO and a Committee Lead can mentor you around a good project to pitch.

2. Hold an NFT from one of our projects and make a proposal about the future of that project

As an NFT-holder you can pitch any project to the DAO around that NFT series - this could be anything from real-world fashion inspired by the project, a partnership with a game, a new feature which needs funding, a TV show inspired by the project. Votes are held using $CULTUR as the governance token. Each Project has a sub treasury just for its own use through Snapshot votes.


Not sure where to get started?.. Join one of our guild’s committees with senior leads from across the industry :

  • Interoperability
  • Social
  • Avatars
  • Art and Design
  • AI
  • Hackathon