Build and Govern a Web3 Creative Guild.

  • Democratic

    (vote on everything)

  • Disaggregated

    (build avatars, games, episodic TV, virtual environments, fashion as separate entrepreneurial teams)

  • Decentralized

    ($CULTUR as the governance token means we don’t need a CEO or Creative Director)


I'm Not A Robot


Who We Are

Our Mission can be summed up in two words: _Inspire_ and _Educate_!

Inspire by building amazing AI content and educate by sharing everything we learn!

We meet at

All major decisions of the DAO are voted on and approved by $CULTUR token holders at

Build with us

So many talented engineers, artists, writers, modelers, painters, musicians have worked in the factory mindset of big game and movie corporations - doesn’t it make sense now that we have AI generation of 2D and 3D to try something different, where talented small teams can work together to build amazing projects?

The Culture DAO provides opportunities for professional DAO members to collaborate and build integrated NFTs, technology, and creative projects around:

  1. AI Characters
  2. AI Movies
  3. AI Generated Worlds and Objects
  4. AI Games
  5. AI Comics

$CULTUR serves as a governance token which encourages, but does not enforce, interoperability - with an eventual goal that this disaggregated, piecemeal metaverse of projects built in a decentralized way becomes one diverse, brilliant Culture DAO metaverse with as many different aspects and variety as members in the DAO.